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My Super Movie Review

2007-07-22 03:01:30 by Evan

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

Most of you have likely seen the new Harry Potter movie. If you have, I feel horrible for you. Especially if you paid for it, or went to see the first showing in your area. Because not only was this movie not worth staying up till 3:00 A.M. for, it wasn't even worth my seven dollars.

-The acting was horrible. The actors are too damn old to be acting their parts. Not only that, but they are all just progressively getting worse and worse, as they get less cute and small.

-Horrible wardrobe. I'm usually not one to complain about silly things like the clothes the cast wears, but it was just sickening how much style the wardrobe had.

-The story wasn't even that good. Book Five was far from the best in the series, but even it wasn't nearly as bad as this piece of shit made it look.

-Empty and Unfulfilling. You go through the whole movie to watch the end, the battle between Voldemort and Dumbledore, and it ends with no on winning and Voldemort just dissappearing. No one was hurt.

-The shitty ending is the fact that Voldemort was back. Which they stated at the beginning of the movie. What a waste of my 2:30 hours of my time.

-Emma Watson is just getting sexier. Sadly, that's the only Pro of the entire movie.

Overall Score: 2/10
Overall Feedback: Wait till it comes out on DVD.

New Project

2007-07-20 02:11:58 by Evan

Well, not much has happened since the last update. I still haven't gotten co-author on the collab, but I'm slowly getting over it. The Ten Second Collab isn't going as well as I had hoped either, so if you're a good artist and your at all interested, head over to the Flash Forum and join the discussion in the topic.

So, since work is going slow and I haven't much to do, I've decided to do a new project. A music video, at that. One of the only solo projects I've embarked on. But the music I have on my computer is stuff I've listened to a million times, so it's not so inspiring. This is where you come in;

If any of you have any suggestions to some good songs or artists that would inspire me to get animating, that would be great. So if you read this, please give me some feedback so I can get going with some animating!javascript:NewsPost.Save();
Post It!

This, That, and the other thing.

2007-07-17 17:22:43 by Evan

Well, so much done today. Done on the internet that is, my life was on hold for about a day and a half. First off I of course want to appraise the staff for bringing us this amazing re-design. This is truly a sight to see after waiting so long. But I've gotten some other things done apart from hitting the refresh button anywhere from 1-2 trillion times.

Re-Design Collab
Well, with the site being down, all the Flash Forum regulars started a chat in AIM and we were just talking about whatever, when I had the idea to make a collaboration that had to do with the re-design and that annoying flash on the under construction page. It was at first a sort of joke, just a few regulars having some fun, but John took it over and got some well known artists to join (people such as Luis, Psycho Goldfish, and others) and then it became a lot better than originally planned.

Anyway, it was just submitted, so you can check it out here, and be sure to vote & review!

So, this is pretty old news but it's got a new face. I recently started a site called Evanimator (play of words on my name and the word "animator") and for a while now it's been just a forum as my coder and I work on the main bulk of the site. But, today we're finishing up the in house flash system and all the other pages, it should be released today or tomorrow. So, if you want to check it out, then head over to the site here, and take a look around.

Thats about all for now, check back later if I have any more updates. God, do I love this blog system.